Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

"Do not grow slack in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord." - Romans 12:11

Serving the school with passion and love for their roles as teachers and guides for our students.

The staff of St. George School is made up of qualified individuals who are passionate about their roles as Catholic educators. From the maintenance staff to the cafeteria staff to the teachers, the entire faculty at St. George is dedicated to serving children and creating a culture grounded in faith.

Staff Woman Placeholder

Amy Schebaum

Debbie Bruno 21

Mrs. Debbie Bruno

Head Cook
Placeholder Man

Mr. Nathan Kuhn

Physical Education Teacher
Mary Stiener

Mrs. Mary Steiner

3rd Grade Religion
Jamie Epple 21

Mrs. Jamie Epple

Joe Halbert 21

Mr. Joe Halbert

5th Grade Homeroom
Kim Hoemann 21

Mrs. Kim Hoemann

8th Grade Homeroom
Staff Woman Placeholder

Christie Berlener

Kindergarten Teacher
Jesse Vanbooven 21

Jesse Bolte

Administrative Assistant

Susan Chorley 21

Mrs. Susan Chorley

Art Teacher
Kellie Witthaus

Mrs. Kellie Witthaus

Karen Mazzocchio 21

Ms. Karen Mazzocchio

Pre-K 4
Gina Crabtree 21

Mrs. Gina Crabtree

3rd Grade Teacher
Tarey Vieth 21

Ms. Tarey Vieth

6th Grade Homeroom
Sam Stephan 21

Mr. Sam Stephan

Kim Doyle 21

Kim Doyle

Colleen Gann 211

Mrs. Colleen Gann

Melanie Busch

Mrs. Melanie Bush

Vocal Music Teacher
Robbin Lewis 21

Mrs. Robbin Lewis

Pre-K 3
Staff Woman Placeholder

Mrs. Allyson Thompson

2nd Grade Homeroom
Staff Woman Placeholder

Mrs. Alyson Garner

4th Grade Homeroom
Elise Meyer

Mrs. Elise Meyer

7th Grade Homeroom
Staff Woman Placeholder

Brooklyn Stoll

1st Grade Homeroom